Dr Marm never without my Nikon!

Pet Palooza in the Park

The “Pet Palooza” was held today in the rolling hills of Rusch Park.  All dogs were welcome, as long as they were on a leash.  Have never seen as many dogs in one place at one time. 

Yes, she had a hula skirt on too!

Some were dressed, as Gracie sported her Lei and skirt. 

Brave folks--have 2 Great Dane puppies!

This proud pup carried it’s toy around.  Can’t help but wonder what happened at the water dish… 

and you can't have it!

Some were just enjoying quality time with their humans… 

Life is Good!

This little one just got some love and snuggles. 

I am so lucky!

Of course there were opportunities for pups to show off their talents…including some reluctant jumpers. 

Nope, I am NOT going in!

This pup did go in after a few trial runs! 

Where is my toy?

I found it!

Calm Westies on a leash. 

Relaxed Terriers...for mine--oxymoron, not these!

If you are looking for a picture of my Cairn, Roxie…she was at home listening to country music with air conditioning.  I have found that I am too focused and can either enjoy Roxie on a leash or spend time with my Nikon…today the Nikon won.  Tomorrow, dog walk and attention for her!


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  1. Excellent shots! I love the look of joy on the dog’s faces. I used to own Irish Wolfhounds and when I had just the one dog we’d go to doggie gatherings and shows and it was such fun to watch the dogs and their people together. Nice interactions and great photo ops. I DO understand the need to go with dog or camera but not both! I’ve gotten some odd panning effects when I squeezed the shutter right at the moment that a hound jerked their head (and the leash).

    June 21, 2010 at 11:50 pm

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