Dr Marm never without my Nikon!

San Francisco…Part 1 Ferry Building and Coit Tower

The first thing about this trip–it is 30 degrees cooler in SF, than Sacramento.  Believe it was Mark Twain that said, “The coldest winter I had, was summer in San Francisco.”  It can be beautiful and sunny on the East Bay, Oakland, North side–Marin and foggy along the bay in SF.  

We took the ferry from Vallejo.  Excellent deal–day pass $26–could ride ferry boats all over the bay for one low price.  Great views of Angel Island,  Alcatraz, Golden Gate bridge and Bay Bridge all in the short one hour jaunt across the bay.   The first 3 images were taken from the back of the moving ferry! 


Closer view of Alcatraz

Sailing in the SF Bay

We went to the Ferry Building. (Pier 39 was the next stop.)  The architecture is really amazing!  

Details Everywhere!

One Long Building

There were many shops–lots of food items and a killer Farmer’s Market on Saturday.  (Sadly, we were there on a Sunday!)  

Just a couple shots…  

On the Half Shell

One shop sported “Tasty Salted Pig Parts”…the former vegetarian in me couldn’t go there!  

Ride Anyone?

From the Ferry Building…we walked across The Embarcadero…with views  

A Famous View

Tall and small…  

Can find beauty anywhere!

The purpose of our trip was to visit Coit Tower…I knew we’d be walking quite a ways…didn’t know there were 397 steps up and down! 

The stairs were in between  living spaces…flats, apartments, businesses–with no car access.  That means all groceries…suitcases…everything in by foot!  Can’t imagine getting a new refrigerator or sofa…hauled in!  What was most astonishing were the gardens–beautiful flowers everywhere I turned… 

Small spaces...

Some of the beauty

Reminds me of a fried egg!

Amazing flowers, everywhere you looked

We could see our destination, getting closer… 

To the top of the hill!

Pink Poppy

This was quite a large property


Part 2 will have a bit of Coit History…the views down from Coit and a brief stop at Fisherman’s Wharf!    


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