Dr Marm never without my Nikon!

Airplanes and Cars of Old


Visited our local Aerospace Museum in North Highlands, California to view a Star Trek Exhibit on loan from the Smithsonian Museum.  A few years ago, I attended another showing and was a bit disappointed–so this time, was ready for anything!  Sadly–no photos were allowed in the Star Trek Exhibit.  They did have photographers that would take your photo in the Captain’s Chair or at the Transformer Place –what was it called when they were “beamed” up to another location?  All I remember is, “Beam me up, Scotty!”  I refrained from having my photo taken–will just remember the moment instead!! ($14.95 for a 5×7)  

The information in the exhibit covered numerous Star Trek showings and had so much to read– enjoyed the history–much, I was not aware of.  The highlight for me was the showing of clips from the Star Trek TV shows–showcasing each of the stars with their outfit properly displayed alongside.  I did enjoy the sets that were shared, but longed to be able to photograph.  So, I visited the main hanger with various planes shown and parts… with my Nikon! 

Wide View

Colorful Parts

In addition to the indoor planes–there were a few out on the tarmac…  


Happy little plane–complete with smile!  


This museum is part of an old base –which still has some air traffic from the Coast Guard–these planes are visible many times a day.  Not quite sure what coast they are visiting.

Coast is Clear!

Another popular plane–just had our annual air show a few weekends ago!


Blue Angel

Helicopter Cockpit

 Another event on Saturday was visiting the Founder’s Day Celebration at the Carmichael Park.  Breezed through a showing of old cars–my favorite was a 1953 Rolls Royce Limo–original.  The owner was getting offers of $100K as overheard by visitors…what a labor and passion of love–the details were exquisite.  Right down to the Grey Poupon Mustard!  

Mustard Anyone?

Not to mention the interesting view of a tailgate–could this be where the concept for a “Tailgate Party” started?  Amazing!!  

Tailgate Party, anyone?

Have visited other car shows and have very little prior knowledge–but what struck me the most with this show were the details showcasing the time of the car.  If anyone remembers, Bob’s Big Boy–this will take you back.  Was a big deal to go out there when I was growing up.  

Bob's Big Boy in Alhambra--good times!

Another replica of the same make and model was displayed on the back of the car.  Amazing details!!  

Wanna go for a ride?

What I appreciate about photography is being able to shoot photos of things that are not, “my norm”.  No stitch of nature and landscape this weekend–but enjoyed trying various settings to capture what I thought might be worthy to share.  Out of element–but fun just the same!!


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