Dr Marm never without my Nikon!

Yosemite Park Day Trip Part 2

Fall Reflection

Think this little puddle has a lot to say about the beauty of Yosemite National Park.  Must admit there was a group of us lined up to get THE puddle shot.  Don’t believe there is anywhere within Yosemite that isn’t worth remembering.  These photos are the second post from our Meetup Day Trip to Yosemite and mostly from Yosemite Valley.

Reflections are glorious everywhere you look!

Closer View

 More fall views from different perspectives…

Majestic Moment


One thing to note is about the polite manners of everyone you meet.  We are all smiling and patiently waiting to set up your shot and get the image you want.  Of course, everyone with their cameras tended to flock to the same common picture points that are so familiar to us all from years of Yosemite pictures.  I look forward to another visit with more time–so I can get away from the iconic photos and appreciate the depth of beauty and wonder here.


The advantage of a Meetup–is there are numerous views from the same day…sometimes similar and sometimes not taken by other photographers.  For superb views from this fabulous day trip visit 

http://www.blueturban.net/BlueTurban_Photography/BT_Blog/Entries/2010/11/28_Yosemite_Part_1.html  and see the talent of Andrew Brooks–was also his idea for a day trip.  Andy, rocking idea you had–thanks!




Little different plus light



Every angle is amazing!

Last view of the Valley.  Half Dome is actually in the center of the photo and hidden behind clouds–weather can vary greatly within the park, due to various levels of elevation.


Waiting patiently

Can not believe it’s taken me so long to visit Yosemite.  Would have been longer for certain without the Meetup Trip.  Thankful I went–as crazy as the idea seemed–was well worth the lack of sleep:)  Too excited before hand and totally amped when I got home after midnight reviewing images!


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  1. Laura the images are so beautiful. I think my favorite is the Closer View of the fall and Waiting Patiently. What an amazing place and you got some fine images.

    November 29, 2010 at 12:56 am

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