Dr Marm never without my Nikon!

Birding in the Bay Area

Soaring Along

I had the pleasure to visit the San Francisco Bay Area when it was sunny and beautiful.  A treat for me–seems I always bring in the fog and/or rain.  Must confess–there was one day of stormy weather–but I was tucked inside a classroom learning about my camera! (Excellent class through Nikonians–if you’d like more info, contact me!)
Anyway–one of the tricks I learned from my class was to move the Auto Focus function to the back of my camera, and shoot in continuous mode with the Auto Focus tracking moving objects–that is how I got this shot! As with all “learning curves” it takes the time.  When we saw two hawks–guess which button I forgot to push?  Yep–continuous burst of blur!  Just need more practice!
Special shout out to @BirdGalAlcatraz and @Natrlvisions for identifying this as a Northern Harrier Hawk.  The distinctive white band on the tail is not visible from this side, but was able to catch that in the blur.  Thanks Jann for all the other IDs as well:)
Along the shore found a Black-Necked Stilt and a sleeping American Avocet.

Searching for a snack!

How do they do this?

I certainly couldn’t rest like that–would fall over for sure!
Love the way the Kildeer blend in!

A bit hidden...can you see me now?

One of the treats of the day were close encounters of  Great Egrets! 


Just diving for a snack!

Was able to catch this little one, before it jetted off! My first look at the Yellow-rumped Warbler.  Amazes me how birds can be in bushes with thorns and be able to flitter in and out without getting stuck!
Just hanging out!

Am looking forward to spring and more visits when the sun is shining!

Also must confess, am really enjoying learning more about birds!  Am equally thrilled that the Black Phoebes are back in their nest from last year–so will have posts of them in the near future!


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  1. Oh my! These are beautiful images! Amazing hawk in flight shot. It’s so very difficult to select a favorite. I love all the reflection photographs. Fantastic wind blown Snowy Egret. Fabulous!

    February 13, 2011 at 4:26 pm

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