Dr Marm never without my Nikon!

Sacramento Zoo Visit Highlights

Have you ever done a blog and saved it as a draft and then posted something else?  And then, your next blog is more current and it posts…well. I have some photos to share of our local animal talent!

My zoo visit was last year before the holidays, thus the 2011 on my photos–but decided to share them anyway.  Hope you enjoy the critter visit:)

Last year, my staff gave me a membership to the Sacramento Zoo–seemed time to visit once again.  Was a beautiful, but colder day here–highs in the low 50s, but plenty of sunshine!

The Sacramento Zoo has a wonderful crew of dedicated docents and hosts events through out the year.  Unbeknownst to me–today was an event–where special treats were made and given to the animals.  Remember now the joys and challenges of shooting through plexiglass and wire mesh!

Here are some of my views from today…

Anteater–they are much bigger than I ever remembered!

Walking around...

Next door–there was a lonely Spotted Hyena that spent much of the time pacing back and forth.

Hanging out

The old adage..of let sleeping dogs lie–think that also applies to napping cats, such as this beautiful Snow Leopard relaxing away on top of a rock!

Holiday Berries behind!

Right across from the “cats” was an enclosure with some very friendly River Otters.  Friendly would not have been something I would aquaint with otters–but they knew how to ham it up for sure!

Hi there!

For anyone who has dogs…you know those smudges on your car windows?

Favorite Spot--will come back here!

About ready for a nap!

Was fortunate that the giraffes came out for a bit on nuzzling together.

A Tender Moment

More Visits with the Giraffes!  It is not uncommon to visit and they don’t even come out of there barn.  Certainly depends on the weather and what special treat are being presented!

Not sure why I am looking at you...but here is my wondrous face and neck!

Some friends with wings and feathers…


Curled up tight

Disagreement About Something!

Challenge with these two…was the backlighting.  Chose to blow out the background, so their wonderful colors could be viewed.

Awww, so cute!

A new use for your old phone books–probably one you never thought of…for these Hornbills, the phone book was filled with crunchy bugs.  They had fun “flipping through the pages” and were rewarded with a tasty morsel. Bugs and more bugs…pages and pages with “snacks” hiding out!  Check to see if your local zoo can use your old phone books!

I'll Have One of Those!

This was one of my favorites…his “whooping” and calls announced his presence long before he was in sight.  Spent most of the time swinging through the cage and putting on quite a show.

Who's Making All the Noise?

Some holiday cheer for the Red Pandas…so cute!

Hmm...a little holiday snack!

Framing a bit…

In the Center

Just remember there are many options to support projects we believe in and hope it will transcend time .  In my opinion, we need to look and identify needs now that we can impact and ensure they will be enjoyed and last for may centuries to come.

Is there a smaller zoo  or animal wildlife refuge area in or near your town or county?  The might be a great place to start what your animals need for comfort and growth.  Treat Days, Adoption–providing approved snacks and goodies.  Ask the merchants and store owners,, they should be able to offer you time and means for supporting their animal population!


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  1. trudy helmlinger

    Love the sleeping cat. Gld ou finally shaed this ones

    April 14, 2012 at 2:43 pm

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