Dr Marm never without my Nikon!

Beyond Comfort Level–Portraits

For anyone who knows me, I am thrilled to be outside shooting with my Nikon.  My preference has been exploring the outdoors which, I believe goes to my Girl Scout roots at summer camp!  My experience with models is limited, so I have been trying to get out of my comfort zone and shoot some portraits, with people as my subject.

Here are a few shots from extending beyond my comfort zone.

I have learned how much value comes from having specialists for Hair and Make Up…sometimes this is an option, and other times, we depend on our models.  The first two shots are an example of being able to admire the talents of great artists and their results.  This was a photo shoot with a “Meetup.com” group.

Meetup Event


Niki is a dedicated Body Builder and shares her hard work in steep competitions.  Thanks to Andy Brooks for setting up this outdoor shoot and the lights.  Always fun to learn from a talented friend!  For more of his work visit his website at:  http://www.blueturban.net/

Dedication and Results

One of the Sponsors for Niki as she works towards her dream

Another shoot, but indoors with models that have tattoos.  A special “shout out and thanks” to Tommy and his artists from “Fat Cat Tattoo” located in Carmichael, CA.

Backlit with a flash mounted in a Hotshoe

Being on location and getting creative is certainly an important skill to have.  Kudos to Andy for seeing this shot and the models willing to hop on up in the window of the tattooing station.

Details and Art

Two views to bring attention to the tattoo art on their arms.

Art and Eyes

What I enjoy about the world of photography  is there is always something to learn and expand your ability level.  I was able to attend the Look Fabulous Tour with Lou Freeman and Lindsay Adler.  Such a wealth of information on working with lighting and models.

I chose this day to use my D800E and the 50mm 1.8 so I wouldn’t have much weight while shooting.  Here are shots of the 3 models we worked with.  I will share another post with additional pictures.  Truly a fabulous experience!

Such a wonderful model with tons of initiative!

Such a wonderful model with tons of initiative!

She has a reflector in front of her to bounce the light on her face.

Bounced light on such a beauty!

Bounced light on such a beauty!

You can see the reflection of the two softboxes in her eyes.  Barely much room between the two boxes for my camera, but made for brilliant light.

Head shot

Head shot

Look forward to continuing to learn more and expand my comfort zone!  One piece of course is that I now have new items on my “wish list”  lights, pocket wizard, beauty dish…to name just a few thoughts to start the wishing process.  Willing to accept donations at anytime:)


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