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Rio Vista

Feels Science Fiction!

A few weekends ago, took a short jaunt to a neighboring town that seems like hundreds of miles removed from the city and suburbia of Sacramento.  Rio Vista–on the way there is a source of alternate energy–windmills.  These windmills are HUGE!  Not only was I shocked at the size–the most amazing thing was they are quiet.  Not a whisper of sound as you stand near by and take pictures!  Reminded me of the scene of a Sci-Fi movie.

Side by side

The weather was also a perfect day for shooting.  Stormy clouds and then beautiful Cumulus clouds in blue sky.

Spring Flowers in Front Lensbaby

Same view…but not with my Lensbaby Sweet 35 Optic…

Spring Flowers

Another stop with a bit of  a view…

Leading Pathway

Also something I do not see every day are grazing beauties.  Horses and cattle enjoying the grass and hanging out.  Yes, these are “California Cows”  for folks who have heard the Milk advertisements!

Looking at you!

Got my eyes on you

All in all the animals, were very interested in us–might have been close to feeding time.  I prefer to think they know I meant them no harm:)

Not quite certain

Another fun view for us city folk is the resident truck and tractor in the middle of the field…


With a Pasture View

The most exceptional sight were these shoes in the middle of the fence–clearly, they have been here for a long time!

Kudos to Andy for his sight…and quick pullover.

Size 8?

All by myself!

Lensbaby Loves Boot

A bit of spring with a flower shot…

Blow and share your dreams!

One thing I know for certain…is I will be back!

See ya later!

Looking forward to some day trips this summer and more “car shooting” so nice to not carry gear and just change lens in the car and go shoot!

Lake Lagunitas

Water Rushing

Last Month, got to enjoy a short trip to Lake Lagunitas, located in Marin County.  Fortunate, to have a day without rain!

The waterfall above was actually at the end of a spillway–but still beautiful to enjoy!

No swimming for people


One of the most unusual things–is visiting a lake that doesn’t allow swimming for people.  Fishing is OK, though.

Shady Steps


The views are wonderful on this very short trail.

View to the water's edge


Surrounding Views


One of the benefits of our vast rainfall this year is the lush grass.  This won’t be a benefit once fire season sets in…and the grasses are tall and dead.  So–just enjoying while I can and hoping for an uneventful fire season.

Caught in the Rays


Patch of Clouds


Another wonder of this area are the tall Redwood Trees.  Felt so small standing there taking this shot.  Quite humbling.

How tall am I?


Looking forward to just spending time outdoors and watching our spring pass and summer set in!

Marin Flowers and such via Lensbaby

The spring is such a rich time in Northern California.  We never know what the weather may bring.  Last week, we were almost in 3-digits and today, back in the 70’s and windy.

During my spring break, had a chance to really enjoy my Lensbaby and the lovely flowers I found in Marin County.  Names are more than welcome and credit will be given!!  These images were taken with my Composer and Double-Glass Optic with a macro filter of +4.

Wild and Wooly


Lensbaby View




In the Center


Pt. Reyes Lighthouse Grounds


Make a Wish


Center in Focus



Leaf in the Center

These next two images, are certainly not wildflowers, but were taken with my Lensbaby and are in Marin County!


Drops and Blur


The final image is actually one of my favorites–a bit creepy…and very quiet!

Tree Branch Tunnel


Las Gallinas Pond

Wildflowers on Water Edge Blur

My Lensbaby came out for a quick peek, when @RachidH @BirdGalalcatraz and I visited Las Gallinas Pond.  The shot above was with my Composer and the Sweet 35 Optic.
My two companions were using longer lenses and focused on the birds–while I enjoyed the sights and a view bird shots as well.

Barn Swallows and Flowers


Great Egret Landing

I so enjoy the beauty of the Great Egrets and can watch their antics for long stretches of time.  The one above moved locations and came in for a timely landing.
While the weather was less than cooperative for our day of shooting, did enjoy the magic of cloudy skies and shooting scenery.

Lone Tree Reflected


Beauty below the hills

I couldn’t resist sharing this shot.  Reminds of the game for rainy school days, “Heads Up, Seven Up”.   This must just be Heads up, Three Up!  Or, 3 butts and a head!

Heads Up...Seven Up


Wildflowers and Water View

Truth be told…while this looks like lovely ponds–they are part of a water treatment plant in Marin County–but do make for a wonderful visit with nature.  Just don’t drink the water!
Thanks for a super day of shooting! 

Muir Woods

Circle of Light


Had the pleasure to spend the day shooting with Twitter friends @BirdGalAlcatraz and @RachidH in Marin County. 

The weather was a bit dreary–but we didn’t let that stop us for one minute.

This is National Parks Week which allowed visitors free entry into Muir Woods.  We got their early and had most of the park to ourselves and cameras.

With the overcast sky and Majestic Redwood trees over 100 feet in height, it was a bit dark as well as drizzly, but still revelled in the beauty all around us.

                                                                                                   Redwoods Standing Tall

                                                                                Tree trunks with a story…

                                                                   Splash of Spring Green

And of course, what would a trip anywhere be without a little view from the Lensbaby perspective?

                                                                             A bit of Lensbaby Blur
It was such a pleasure to meet @RachidH in person–so continue to be amazed by the connectivity of our Twitter world and thankful to have made such incredible friends. 
When are you visiting No. Cal?  Will be ready to play:)

Lensbaby Love Sweet Optic 35

Many of you know I am a big fan of the Lensbaby system.  I have the Composer and recently got the new, Sweet Optic 35.  It is the first optic in the line of Lensbaby gear that has the aperture in the optic itself that can be changed by simply rotating the optic.

I thank and blame Doug and Roxanne for my latest purchase…once I saw what this optic could do, I had to have it!  View their amazing images at http://www.dougplusrox.com 

There is nothing better than the first real voyage with a new lens or optic–unless of course, a new camera!!

University of California at Davis has a small Arboretum that runs along a little creek–there were flowers just waiting to be photographed.

These images were with the aperture at 5.6.

Field of Poppies


One of the advantages of the Composer is the ability to have part of your image in focus–The “Sweet Spot” and other areas with a bit or a lot of blur.

Sweet Spot in the Middle

Did find this to be a favorite with Poppies.  They are so rich this time of year in California…here are a few views…

No Flowers were picked!


Love the Blur!


Also fun to celebrate the abstract nature of the blur…

Abstract Pine


Couldnt resist--they were eye level!


A majestic Oak Tree..

A bit of Oak Blur

Looking forward to more shooting with this optic!

Should  probably warn you…am on the list for the new Composer Pro–so, yes more Lensbaby Joy to come!!

Happy Spring to you and yours:)

Liquid Fire and Exploding Glass

This year, Spring took a long time getting here!  Had plans to shoot outdoors with a friend, but the weather did not allow for that.

Instead, we decided to shoot fire indoors…

What you need for a successful shoot:

Isopropal Rubbing Alcohol–not for human consumption

Cheap glass–perhaps from your local “Dollar Store”

Lighter–with long tip


Wool Blankets (2)

Stool or removable Table

Remote cable–or shoot in timer mode to avoid shaking.

Fire Plan!

Best to shoot with another person:)

First of all, set one of the blankets on the floor–if carpet or wood a good plan to have something under the table.  Wool blankets tend to be fire retardent…

Next place glass on the table

Set up tripod and camera and take a few test shots to determine settings and lock them in.

Practice shot to check your settings and lock them in

We shot with our 70-200 2.8 lenses–which were a treat to use indoors!  “Fast Glass” really does rock!

Poor Isopropal Alcohol into the glass–about 1-2 inches from the top.

Light liquid on fire with a “long” lighter–this is very combustible and the longer the distance from your hand and fire–the better!

Must have LONG Lighter!

Fire away–the flames will dance as you take numerous images.

If you have a Live View on your camera–preview glass and fire via your LCD Monitor

Use your remote cable or timer and just keep shooting!

Reminds me of a Tulip

Including the set up and aftermath of our explosion, I shot 100 frames–gave me so many designs to choose from –really looking at what the flame created:)  Here are a few examples…all are out of camera images.  Did crop a few–but no change to lighting or anything else.

See a man on fire

Think half the joy is looking at the flames and really interpreting what image is created…in my eyes and brain…

Devil on fire...


With this, I see tears…

Tears of Fire

As you continue to shoot–the flames will come and go…just like the waves on a beach…

A little flame

So, the most amazing image of the day was this…

Too Hot!

Since this was my first time “shooting fire” and being the Lifetime Girl Scout I am–asked my friend if we had a “fire plan”…yes–he would open the sliding glass door and take the stool outside–plus a Wool Blanket is Fire Retardent…

Smoking Wool Blanket

Confessions are good for the soul–the shot I captured of the glass breaking was totally lucky and related to using a remote cable.

As soon as the glass exploded–I got the dogs–so they wouldn’t be near and @aceebro took the stool outside with the balnket on top.  It was not until I reviewed my images–that I realized I caught the moment of explosion!

So–could you do it?  Absolutely…we used cheap glass from the local “Dollar Store” Andrew brooks shot first…50 frames, or so.   For his blog post…  http://www.blueturban.net/BlueTurban_Photography/BT_Blog/Entries/2011/3/27_Fire_In_A_Glass.html  He then doused the flames with a plate over them and showed me his work process–am so new to Photoshop–have much to learn.  So, the glass was taken away from fire for probably 20 minutes before we reignited and I shot…

Yolo Causeway Sunrise

Recent rains and flooding have brought an extraordinary amount of water to the Yolo Causeway.  While the birds have vanished for the time being, does make for a lovely sunrise!

Distant Downtown

 Have not seen another sunrise opportunity like this since then-these were taken on March 30th.  Cloud conditions were perfect for reflections and quite a show.  Hope you enjoy!

Swirl of Orange


Awakening Clouds


Bright Horizons

Back in November, I visited this location and enjoyed the bird refuge that runs along the side of Interstate 80 between Sacramento and Davis.  While Spring is appearing in the grass and trees, it will take a bit of time before the birds are able to return.  Look forward to visiting in the future.

Open when the waters recede!

Peacock showing off!

Full and proud!

Growing up in Southern California, I had the pleasure to be near The Arboretum in Arcadia.  It is not unusual to see Peacocks strutting through the neighborhoods surrounding the Arboretum.  It was a treat on a recent visit to catch a male showing off for a nearby hen.  For the record, she did not seem to be impressed…although it could have been the audience–maybe she was shy.

Here are a view shots of him showing off!

Colors are so vivid

Eye to eye

Side view

Is that the best you can do?

 Another part of his show is the rattling of his feathers…do not remember hearing that before…was quite loud!

Rear view...



A Train of feathers

One last view…

Full view!

Lensbaby Alley and Rust

Bunch of river rocks

One of the most amazing things about enjoying time with my camera– for me, it doesn’t have to be a significant amount of time spent.  Can happily visit one location and shoot some photos even justfor 20 minutes.  Feel connected and happy.

Have been spending time with my Lensbaby Composer–viewing the world in a more abstract way and loving it!

Some shots from an alley…

Partial cover

Different focus point


Brick View

Rusty River


USPS delivery spot


Pull here to open


Rusty Pipe




Little bits of nature–citified

Abandoned Home

Also have learned–when you see something you’d like to shoot–DO IT!

That is going to be one of my goals–not missing opportunities:)



Barbs a Plenty
Will also admit to ordering another Lensbaby tool…the new Sweet 35 Optic…best news–it is en route!  Wanna predict what you will view here shortly?
Have a fabulous weekend:)

Riley Graduates!

At least there is no graduation gown!
By the grace of goodness, Sir Riley of Carmichael completed Puppy Education at our local Petsmart.

How long do I have to wear this?

This course was 8-weeks long and probably a good thing.  Petsmart just changed their classes to be 6 weeks.  Riley was a stubborn little dear and didn’t sit until week 6!  (Might have been 5–but not by much!)
He started off at 4 pounds and 4 ounces…now is at 6 pounds and 7 ounces–already bigger than Roxie, my Cairn Terrier.
A few moments from class…
First Class… 
Don’t tell her dog, she’s lovin’ on Riley!

Shared this pic and the last one in a previous blog of his, but seems appropriate to revisit! 

Will sit for treats–FINALLY!
I really had forgotten how much work and love a puppy brings into your home.  Lucky to have this cute little one.  Intermediate Class starts next week.  Roxie who is 8 will also be attending.  Hoping they both will work for treats and graduate after 6 sessions!
My favorite Riley pic–not in the Dog House, but in the Cat Tower.  Yes, he still plays with cat toys too…

Yes, I did get in here by myself!

Certain there will be more tales to tell and share:)

Sandhill Cranes Scenery and Such

Finally found them!

 After four attempts to find and photograph the lovely Sandhill Cranes –I did find them!  Although this is late in their migration season–there were still a few to be seen and enjoyed!

In Flight


Lift off

 Some of you may remember that I went to a workshop recently on my Nikon D300s…it was fabulous.  Learned much about using my camera more effectively. Part of the changes I made were to set Auto ISO and give a range–at the instructors urging.  Seemed good to me.  Really wish I would have thought about the consequences of this action–setting the ISO range from 200-3200.  Realized late in this shoot that my ISO was shooting up to ISO 32o0. Was I checking pics for focus–yes.  Did I look at histograms–yes!  Am I shooting in RAW and jpg–yes!

The good news–is I now have my camera ISO under my control and not in Auto anything!  Some lessons only take one time to learn:)

Amazing Grace


What a wingspan!


So many birds!

There were so many birds to view and enjoy. Amazing how they seem to have their own little sections of this pond.

A White-crowned Sparrow posed for a brief moment…

Not sure who is watching whom

 This was a crazy weather weekend–and I was able to enjoy amazing natural shows of beauty while waiting for dusk and hoping more Sandhill Cranes would arrive.

Into the field of Gold


Slice of the field of gold


Wispy Clouds


Hint of sunset
This was my favorite shot of the day.  Loved the setting sunlight on their bodies…sadly–ISO was at 3200. 

Into the Light

The visit ended as soon as the raindrops started to fall!  Will go earlier next year. Was still just a wonderful time to appreciate being near such lovely birds.

Just Snowy Egrets

Piggyback ride?

These shots were taken  from two locations in the San Francisco Bay Area–Marin County.  A treat for me to see Snowy Egrets close enough to photograph.

Hunkered Down

What I most enjoy about these beauties are the various poses they make…hunting for food–a bit of a wind-blown look–could probably shoot their antics all day!

At the Ready!


Serious Concentration


Searching for a snack


Tall and proud


Enjoying the view

Birding in the Bay Area

Soaring Along

I had the pleasure to visit the San Francisco Bay Area when it was sunny and beautiful.  A treat for me–seems I always bring in the fog and/or rain.  Must confess–there was one day of stormy weather–but I was tucked inside a classroom learning about my camera! (Excellent class through Nikonians–if you’d like more info, contact me!)
Anyway–one of the tricks I learned from my class was to move the Auto Focus function to the back of my camera, and shoot in continuous mode with the Auto Focus tracking moving objects–that is how I got this shot! As with all “learning curves” it takes the time.  When we saw two hawks–guess which button I forgot to push?  Yep–continuous burst of blur!  Just need more practice!
Special shout out to @BirdGalAlcatraz and @Natrlvisions for identifying this as a Northern Harrier Hawk.  The distinctive white band on the tail is not visible from this side, but was able to catch that in the blur.  Thanks Jann for all the other IDs as well:)
Along the shore found a Black-Necked Stilt and a sleeping American Avocet.

Searching for a snack!

How do they do this?

I certainly couldn’t rest like that–would fall over for sure!
Love the way the Kildeer blend in!

A bit hidden...can you see me now?

One of the treats of the day were close encounters of  Great Egrets! 


Just diving for a snack!

Was able to catch this little one, before it jetted off! My first look at the Yellow-rumped Warbler.  Amazes me how birds can be in bushes with thorns and be able to flitter in and out without getting stuck!
Just hanging out!

Am looking forward to spring and more visits when the sun is shining!

Also must confess, am really enjoying learning more about birds!  Am equally thrilled that the Black Phoebes are back in their nest from last year–so will have posts of them in the near future!

Bird Stretches in the Sun

Working it!

Had the pleasure to visit the Bay Area last weekend and captured some feathered friends exercising.  Thinking we are all ready for spring!

And Bend

Make it Burn!

As I watched these lovely Canada Geese, I could hear the “Aerobics” Instructor in my head…hold it!  Stretch, give it all you got!

The Female Mallard also got into the act, while her beau was too busy preening to appreciate her antics!

Preening and Stretching Pair


No interest whatsoever

The White Pelicans also shared their talents of wing movement!

Made it!


Ready to Relax!

 May you be able to stretch in the sunshine shortly!

American River and Folsom State Recreation Area

Looking in the mirror

On Martin Luther King Junior’s Day of honor, I was able to catch a few reflections and a bit of solitary peace. 

Have learned that even when I am stressed, a few moments with my camera redirects me and I am immediately much better.

Nature + Beauty = Wonder

Enjoy your weekend!

Crystal clear water


Nice to see something green!


All alone


A heart for you


A fun jigsaw puzzle, perhaps?

City Wild Turkeys

Going my way?

Met up with an unusual sight on the way home a few weeks ago…a flock of Wild Turkeys in the road.  Mind you–this is not out in the country, suburban area of Sacramento!

Of course, I had to pull over, park, and grab my camera–just happened to have it in the front seat.  (Always rides “shotgun!”)

Enjoyed watching the play over an apple. Not sure whether I was more entertained–or they were?

An apple a day...


The "5 second rule" was applied


Cars don't bother them at all!

See, got it back after dropping it! 5 second rule applies to turkeys too!  The rule for some folks…if a food item drops on the floor and there less than 5 seconds–still good!  Can’t really recommend–depends what it is and where you dropped it!

We are taking over!


Unusual coloring

One last shot of a “Jay-walking” Turkey–or, is it “Turkey-Walking?”

Turkey Crossing

It was a fun encounter!

Lensbaby Goes Ice Skating!

Great Balls of Fire!


Although the traditional holiday season is over–there are still a few options with wonderful lights to be caught!

Sacramento has a seasonal outdoor holiday Ice Rink open from November through January 17th this year.  The last day corresponds to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday this year.  I am still hoping to get in one more visit:)

This visit–limited to the Lensbaby Composer and what a tremendous match for holiday lights and sparkling ice!

Setting the stage

Amazing how one shift of view can change the results!


Self Portrait by Default


The joys of photography are abundant everywhere you look!

Says it all!

 Anyone who is willing to jump through puddles for a “photo op”…brilliant!

Fleeting Foot

 After puddle stomping!

Trace of Splash

 The advantage of this seasonal locale is the proximity to the Light Rail Track…

Going my way?

 Little bit of Ice Skating View…


 What is ice skating without the biting lines cut deep into the ice…and a little blur!

Cutting through

 The Ice Rink is next to an outdoor mall…where a Popcorn Kiosk was screaming for a Lensbaby opportunity!

Seeing double

 Closes for the year on Monday…still hoping for one last visit!

Wings on Wednesday

Had some visitors outside my window last week.  Just happened to have my camera at the ready:)

American Robin enjoying a little snack!

Almost got it!




Just a Pose!


Have a fabulous Wednesday!

Puppy Pics, finally!

Will I look like you when I grow up?

Riley joined us 3 weeks ago, he is a Miniature Schnauzer with black and silver coloring.  Born on September 20th, just about 3 and a half months now.  The picture above was when he first met, Benji–an adult version of what Riley will become.  

I must confess it has been a long time since I have dealt with a puppy and he is curious about everything.  Of course, as I type this–by some miracle he is in my lap curled up. Yes, ready for a nap after chewing on the cat scratcher, pulling on my computer cord, and bothering 2 sleeping cats.  By the way–cats NOT impressed!

As much work–there is much more joy that comes with watching  a new little one enter the family of 3 cats and 1 Cairn Terrier, Roxie.  I apologize profusely to folks with puppies that I bugged incessantly to post more puppy pictures! Sorry @Akanaphoto!

What I now know is that a puppy is fast moving and rarely holds still…add to the fact he has black around his eyes and dark eyes–not easy to capture.  Finally have resorted to using the flash to get more detail…

Hi there!

Here are a few from the holidays–originally posted on Twitpic…

I love this place!

Decorations inside the house are very minimal due to the many critters–no Christmas Tree.  Seems we always have a young animal that makes that a ridiculous concept.  So–we have tons of holiday toys for both dogs and cats.  They come out once  a year from Thanksgiving – New Years and then, the regular toys come back out! Riley must have thought he hit the toy jackpot!  Perhaps it is his small size–or just to torture the cats, his favorite toys seem to be cat toys.  This is how he won over Mr. Moto…

That is MY toy!

Moto can play for hours with that toy–liked the fact he could watch it move!  For the record, this toy is longer on the floor–due to puppy interest.  Moto still gets to enjoy it when the puppy is in his “Safe Place!” Crate training literature states we should not call it “jail”, but refer to it as his “Safe Place”. Thank you to the inventor of crates!!

Roxie is enjoying the puppy.  Riley bothers her non-stop.  She has been very patient and tolerant.  Do think in time, he will be bigger than she is.  His legs are almost as tall as hers.

No animals were hurt during this photo shoot!


What else can I get into?


The good news is that, Puppy Classes start today via Petsmart.  I already know who is really getting the training–and it is not the puppy!  Roxie and I will watch from the sidelines–and I plan on bringing my Nikon!

MUST UPDATE…as I was cleaning downstairs, I found out how un “Puppy Proof” the stairwell really is…of course, my camera was handy!!

I want the cat toys!

Someone put me here–I swear!

Thanks much for your support and comments–thinking there will be more Riley stories to tell!

Lake Berryessa & Napa Valley



Weather forecast...rain, we lucked out!

It is hard to predict exactly what the weather may bring…happened upon a rainy day with spurts of showers and sunshine.  Perfect for enjoying the Napa Valley and the journey there!

We started with a side trip along wonderful back roads to Lake Berryessa.  The lake was low with water flow–but the patches of blue skies and the rock formations, made for a great photo opportunity.
Wonder how old these rock formations really are?  If I had to go back to my days of Outdoor Education…wish I studied in CA and not Indiana–would be helpful at times like this!! Perhaps a relative of Shale?  Identifications are always welcome and appreciated!
Slice of rock view

Will revisit when the water is running!

I see this as simply an opportunity to scope out another visit.  This concrete formation pulls water in from the lake and has no noise–due to the engineering–the sound travels straight up, according to a source who has visited it before in it’s glory!  You can see how much higher the water in the lake needs to be in order to cover the “Glory Hole” .

We drove from Davis to Napa via backroads and had the pleasure to catch some wet beauties along the way!

Patch of lace

Stepped out into a huge puddle of mud getting out at this location…turns out it was worth it!

For the barn shots–started to absolutely pour rain.  Thank goodness my D300s is hearty! 

A bit traditional...fence and a barn

Another glimpse
Normally–I have my Lensbaby Composer on my D40x and shoot with both cameras.  My D40x is not able to stand up to the down pours we entered in–so used my Lensbaby briefly on my D300s.   My D40x stayed in it’s dry little case.
Little blur


The shot below–didn’t want much blur–just after the reflection.  Lensbaby is like a 50mm w/o the blur effect–I thought it was a nice view–from the window.
No blur just reflection

Advantageous to look where you are about to step…found this “under foot”.

Hint of color

The fun of being with another photographer is twofold–you both see the same opportunities along the road and want to stop!  Then, when you get there–you “see” and “create” different images! These next 3 shots were taken in the same location–pretty certain it was the vast amount of yellow flowers that caught our eye!

In a field of beauty

A vine amidst yellow

The yellow called out to be photographed!


Reflections Plenty

 When on a photo journey and not the driver–my camera is usually in my lap.  Was able to get a couple decent shots right out of the window:)

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Clouds in sunlight

 Think this is one of my favorites–what a great ending to a wonderful day!

Caught in a glow




Wings on Wednesday

Soaring with storm

A pleasure to have some “wings” to share and time to post–decadent! Recent trip to The American River at Sunrise Blvd, Fair Oaks.

Happy Wings on Wednesday!

May the start of the new year be a joyous one for you!

A pose for you!

Extreme River Surfing

Time to change lens!


There was a brief lull in the rain this week and of course…I had to check out the American River, so once again I headed to William Pond Park.  I sat down and looked up to see a glimpse of orange on the river, the water flow was rapid where I was sitting and it looked like the kayaker was headed in my direction.  Did what any person would do with a SLR camera–went for a longer lens as he came closer to me!

Balance is important!

I sat and shot numerous frames of this talented young man.  My first thought was that it didn’t seem like a very safe activity.  Frigid and rapid flowing water–even with life jacket and wet suit.  Figured I could call 911 if he went under…continued to watch and shoot madly!

Soon learned as more spectators gathered–he was “surfing” the rapids.  Went for the same location each time and worked swiftly to maintain balance and keep from tipping over.

More surfing!

The good news is that he had a “spotter” on the shore–also with camera that monitored his progress.  As I enjoyed his antics–he must have had 4-5 “rides”.  On one of his trips past me, I couldn’t help but ask him–how long have you been doing this?  “He said, 3-4 years.”

Additional action shots…

Intense concentration!

Down the rapids


Maintaining balance


Riding the wave!

 This just reinforced my passion for photography–not my normal subjects of landscape and nature–but seriously fun to shoot!  Always willing to try new subjects and learn.  These shots were taken with my 70-200mm and hand-held.  Truth be told–couldn’t figure out how to attach my new lens to the tripod at the time.  Was just too engrossed in the action and the “quick release plate” was attached to my camera…thanks to Josh at Ritz who set me right.  Duh!  Do love learning and am frequently humbled by how simple things are!  Will order an additional plate, to keep handy:)  Still laughing at my self–which is a good thing!

Day in Davis, CA

Clear creek, perfect for upside down image!

It’s always fun to explore a new area.  Last month had the pleasure to do just that.  Davis is a college town that sits just outside of Sacramento.  The campus has an Arboretum that stretches alongside a creek through Redwood trees and is just lovely.

We lucked out on the weather–a rain shower passed by quickly and we had a day of clouds and sun.

Perfect weather for shooting!

Some flowers along the way…second shot is with my Lensbaby Composer!

A touch of color


Same subject different perspective


Also with Lensbaby Composer


Love the colors reflected in the water!

A Bird Sanctuary is also located in Davis–just as you are entering the area.  One would not think that a sanctuary for birds would lie next to a major freeway–but this one does.

Couple of shots to share the habitat as viewed through my Lensbaby…

Ground view


Worth getting a bit muddy!


I shared more bird images on a previous post, but here are a few I couldn’t resist sharing again.  Simply because I do not see these birds often on my river trips, so it was especially nice to catch them in flight and enjoying the beautiful sanctuary.

Wings in the light

Hunkered down from the wind


In flight


I look forward to exploring Davis again!