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A Look via Lytro, Light Field Camera

As most of you know, I am dealing with a back and neck injury.  Difficulty with carrying weight and DSLR and gear do not mix well.  My current lens of choice, anything Lensbaby.  Muse with Double Glass Optic, for those fellow Lensbaby fans is a blast with my Nikon D800E and has been  on it for weeks!

About a year ago at the annual Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk, I saw a weird box of a camera…I wish I could remember the name of our walk leader, as the camera was his, he was kind and shared it with others.

Little and Fun

Little and Fun

It is best known as a camera you can set the focus point after you take an image.  Can also have multiple versions via focus from one image.

The only downside for me is the lack of processing in other programs than the very limited “Lytro Filters”.  I can use the images anywhere and share on Facebook with ease, but can not send image to say, Lightroom 5 and then post in Facebook and be able to focus after the fact.  I lose that capacity.  My photographer persona is having a tough time with this.  On the good side, it forces me to be really selective in my shooting and what image I get to start with.  Slow down and really take in the scene.  Good time to reflect and learn better habits–that is a win-win.

Another manner to share images outside of the Lytro Program is by copying the embedded code for the image.  For my techie friends, you know circles and circles of knowledge, this will be my first attempt at copying and pasting a code…

A month or so, I was in the Bay Area and joined up with a fellow Nikon shooter, Ben Tang.  We went to Berkeley Marina and I had time to bring out my Lytro.  Just sitting and looking at the boats bobbing in the water.

These are the first Lytro images I printed and I love the results…only used the Lytro filters and was quite surprised at the end products.


Tilted Mast


Film Noir Effect


Line Art

In order for the focusing after option, you need to make certain you are shooting with that setting.  Easy to know–blue line around your image.  Another plus is having a distinct  foreground, middle, and background.  If just 2 points–that can still work.

This is from a local park along the American River.  Click on the plant/flower and watch the morphing image…click on the background for change in view.  The second image is not one I would have shared, aside from the transformation of the changing focus…but grew to like it!


Along the American River


Eye of the Beholder

I did the Old way of copy, cut, and paste…then noticed an icon that I could click and choices were Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Embed.

Awesome and easy!!  (OMG, easy to do!!)

This is with the “glass” filter–reminds me of ice.  In actuality, this image was a tree in a parking lot where I had an appointment.  Arrive early and take pics!

As of today…can get Lytro on many websites, including Lytro.com and Target (only place for pink color) Best Buy, Apple Stores, and a few more spots.  Search for prices.  I got the 750 image for 100 less than advertised.  (Amazon has since changed the price…)  Happy shopping and shooting!