Dr Marm never without my Nikon!

Black Phoebe

Just "Me and my Shadow"


 For the past 5 weeks or so, I had constant entertainment and company when sitting at my desk.  

Black Phoebe’s chose to build a mud nest on my deck on top of the light, just outside my sliding glass door.  

Checking me out!


My biggest challenge was making sure the indoor/outdoor cat never knew there was an easy snack near by.  He normally hangs outside my sliding glass door to be let in–I have “let the cat in…let the cat out” continually downstairs.  Worth it.   

Soon could hear chirping and watch the parents swoop back and forth with insects.  Never saw a bird with a dragonfly before!  

So, last Sunday I decided it was “time” to get pics from outside.  What I didn’t realize was I still had on my “Shape Up” shoes from my earlier dog walk.  For those who don’t know, the new fad for ‘easy get in shape’ is to just wear these shoes and they cause you to work harder–because you have to “balance” while walking. Good to firm up the areas us aging gals are dealing with.  The first time I wore them, met a friend for lunch.  She looked at me and said, “Are you limping?” “No, just wearing new shoes and I haven’t learned to walk in them yet!”  Honestly, never had a pair of shoes that came with an instructional DVD before…why are we on shoes instead of Black Phoebe?  

I finally saw one with food to feed the babies…and couldn’t understand why I was having such a problem with “camera shake”…took many pictures and they were a mess.  This is the best of the mess.  

Are you ready for lunch?


 I figured out the “shoe problem” when I started vacuuming a bit later.  Thought, oh I’ll have to change shoes and go back again…should have done it right then.  

Was home sick on Tuesday, at my computer and realized, my Black Phoebes were gone.  No note, no goodbyes, just gone.  

Lesson learned…do not plan to take a picture later–the opportunity may be gone!  I will be ready for them next year! A special thanks to @Bosque_Bill (via twitter) who correctly identified my feathered friends…post previously incorrectly titled “Barn Swallows” now Black Phoebe!  So thankful for connections and learning from others:)


3 responses

  1. I got such a grin from this post! You’re supposed to get the shoes with VR built in….they cost more but keep you steady while shooting. I love the middle shot with the head cocked to the side-nice capture and my favorite.

    I love the birds and we’re trying to entice them to our yard and there’s a bird feeder right outside of the office window. Doug’s cat (Niki) is far too dignified to stoop below her Queen status to view them with any excitement. My cat (Micah) is far too goofy to pass up the opportunity to act like a fool trying to get them through the window!

    P.S. If you find the shoes with VR (or as in Canon cameras….IS) let me know and I’ll get some….I need to be steadier!


    May 15, 2010 at 4:57 pm

  2. Great post!!!

    May 15, 2010 at 9:54 pm

  3. Thanks for checking it out!

    Appreciate your time and opinion:)

    May 30, 2010 at 4:15 am

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