Dr Marm never without my Nikon!

Fun at the Fair

What's behind the fence?


This was my first visit to the Auburn Fairgrounds.  It is a quaint and small fairgound housed in a town rich with Gold Rush history.  Which today will not only be housing the Home and Garden Show, but the AmGen Bike Race will speed through the streets as well! 

Nice bike for a realxing ride


There were “Country Cute” displays throughout the fairgrounds, so of course I captured them! 

A bit of country charm


It still works!


There were numerous vendors with every house and garden product or remodel project you could ever hope for.  Didn’t capture the various products, as I figured they wouldn’t appreciate me doing so.  Couldn’t resist this nice display.  The vendor was selling doors–vintage almost “barn like”.  Very rustic. 

A bit of color


And everyone just seemed so happy, even the Bartender with his mobile cart was happy to pose! 

Who came up with a bar on wheels?


All in all, a fun visit to a cute little fairground.  

I managed to acquire a new mop, Scum Off, and couldn’t resist the garlic fries.  Smelled better than they tasted, but I managed to eat them anyway!


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