Dr Marm never without my Nikon!

AmGen Tour Stage 1 2010

Motorcade Escort

Quite a bit of escort and fanfare before racers appeared.

On Their Way!

Not certain how many people are behind the scenes to pull off an event of this magnitude…just a glimpse!

In the Lead

Leaders were ahead of the pack!

On Camera!

There was very little time that passed between the leaders and the pack!

The Pack!

There actually were more support vehicles and escorts than team riders.

Support bringing up the rear

Having never observed or photographed a bike race before today…just can’t believe how quick they were gone!  Have photographed local CIF Marathon and thought the AmGen Race would be much longer.

Next year, longer lens and binoculars to isolate who I really want to capture.

Was an amazing moment to try to capture speeding athletes!

Please feel free to identify the fabulous folks I did capture.  No Lance or Levi as far as I could tell.  But–amazing just the same!  Do it again in a heart beat:)


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