Dr Marm never without my Nikon!

Golden Gate Bridge Tribute



The Golden Gate Bridge from Marin County side, Cavallo Point Pier Entrance 

Lately, I have been enjoying revisiting my pictures from a trip to San Francisco and Marin County late in July.  July is really not the ideal time for a trip to “The City” due to fog and cold.  Our weekend was no exception to this weather, as the shots will tell.


 We stayed at Cavallo Point Lodge, which was going to be my next blog topic…however, I became distracted with  images of The Golden Gate Bridge and decided to showcase this lovely icon alone. 


All images are taken from the Marin County side of the bridge…enjoy! 

From Cavallo Point Lodge

The buildings shown on the left bottom are the Coast Guard Station…what a lovely post to have!

Couldn’t resist this night shot–even though it was foggy as heck.  The fog was hovering around the bridge…

Just a glimpse

We watched tour buses pulling into the marina area below The Coast Guard Station and decided to investigate the next morning… 

Now, know why the buses were parking here, the view!

 Ever wonder what is really under the bridge? 


While enjoying the expansive view from the marina, decided for another view…Lensbaby Composer with Fisheye.  

A Little Lensbaby Fisheye Fun

Distance Perspective

I look forward to visiting this location again when the sun is shining…hopefully, that will be soon!


2 responses

  1. Laura, the shots of Alcatraz are lovely! Doug and I are already excited to be coming to CA to shoot (and to get to shoot with you!) but if you keep posting such great shots we’re going to need a 3 week vacation to have time to see more. I really love your night shot of the bridge-I love the warm glow and the fog. You must have had such fun shooting there….and it shows in the fine shots. Kudos to you-great work!

    September 8, 2010 at 12:28 am

  2. Stunning photos of the Golden Gate Bridge! You were really able to capture the majesty of the amazing structure. All great but my favorite has to be the moody night shot. Well done! You should photograph for travel brochures.

    September 12, 2010 at 1:29 am

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