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100 Days of Summer with my Lensbaby Week 5

Wow!  This time of summer is just moving at an alarming rate.  Does remind me of how quickly summer vacation passed as a child.  Here are the images I shared during Week 5 of the…


100 Days of Summer with my Lensbaby

Hi Riley!  Day 29

Hi Riley!


Bokeh in Back Day 30

Bokeh in Back-2


Opposites Attract Day 31

Opposites Attract



Drought Humor Day 32

Drought Humor


Sunshine Globe Day 33

Sunshine Globe


Long May She Wave Day 34

Long May She Wave


Light blue, white, and pink! Day 35

Light blue, white, and pink!


May your summer days be filled with joy and creating memories!


Nest Preparation

While waiting for the Amgen race to “whoosh” though Olema, CA was distracted by a little flutter and thought I’d share what I saw with you!

These images were taken with my Nikon D600 and severely cropped in Lightroom 4.

Don't think anymore will fit!

Don’t think anymore will fit!

Just perched there for a minute or so…

Under the Eve, she rests and waits

Under the Eve, she rests and waits

Nice to see the delivery.

Here it is, dear!

Here it is, dear!

Not as crisp as I would have liked, but going for the complete story!

Nice to see both birds contributing

Nice to see both birds contributing!

Just to show how much I cropped, which explains the noise–here is the original size…

Complete View

Complete View

This eve is above the same apartment room we stayed in, which was literally, “above” the town deli!

I will admit I tried to open the window screens--would have been a super view to shoot the Amgen!

I will admit I tried to open the window screens–would have been a super view to shoot the Amgen!

The Deli even opened early for folks to get coffee!

Great place to visit!

Great place to visit!

This “room” is part of the Pt. Reyes Seashore Lodge which was built in 1988–this building is MUCH older!  The grounds were full of such beauty–another blog to come!

Lensbaby Spark Fun

Winter Blues

Winter Blues

According to  the groundhog, “Punxsutawney Phil” we are due for an early spring…however, many states have endured horrific winter weather over the past week.  In the Sacramento, California area our snow level dropped to 900 feet which is insane for us!  Of course, the next day no clouds were in the sky and nothing but beautiful blue overhead.  What these images can not share is the temperature–our morning lows have been 30 degrees or so with our day high nearing 60.

I decided to take my Lensbaby Spark out for a jaunt in the backyard to celebrate our chilly, but dry weather.  The Spark lens is the lightest Lensbaby in my collection and easy to manage on my D600.  The challenge and fun aspect of this lens  (in my humble opinion)  is that you do not secure your composition–hands need to maintain constant pressure on the Spark to keep the effect you desire.

My favorite aspect of using a Lensbaby is the fact you can achieve so many different results with the same tool.  Creativity is unlimited.  The next two images are of the same Oak Tree which towers over the backyard and yet appear so different, because of the lens flexibility.

Over Head

Over Head

Love the look of swirls–especially with fall color but still creates a fun abstract result with bare branches.

Just a Twist

Just a Twist

Some flowering varieties, one in various shades of green and the other with a splash of color.

Abstract Beauty

Abstract Beauty

The light in this shot allowed the creative aperture of the “sun” to show through a bit.

Backyard Blooms

Backyard Blooms

Anyone else ready for spring???