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How to Create Enjoyable Images with Ugly Sky Conditions…

Had the pleasure to shoot briefly with a friend that rented a Nikon D800.  I had been drooling over his D700 when we met around 3-4 years ago–seemed only fair it was his time to check out a new camera that I am so fond of!

Taking Advantage of subjects nearby on the water

Taking Advantage of subjects nearby on the water

Although the Sacramento Area has 2 rivers and a couple of lakes near by, it is SO different to be along the shores of the San Francisco Bay with no waves.

Berkeley Marina

A Little Saturation

Most of the boats were alone with their sales wrapped up and covered.  The reflection of the bigger boat caught my eye when I was looking and walking around.  Our access was limited, as there was a locked gate only available to Marina members with a key.

Big and Little Boats

Baby Boat and Big Boat! Theme: yellow!

The glare from the sun made this image more difficult, so I kept shooting in continuous high mode  as the bird moved across the sky.

Drifting In

As Afternoon Fades,  the Boats Return to the Marina…

This was actually the first time I even took my Lensbaby Muse off my camera–since I got it about 2 weeks ago.  I kept seeing locations that would be better shot with my Lensbaby.  I will admit, the newer tag of, “See in a New Way” fits

Golden Adventures

Lensbaby Fun– Focused on the hull of the boat

Once again, the bird caught within the same frame as the sailboat–I couldn’t resist!  I also liked this composition better with the shore rocks and the breaker behind–may “move” the bird & update this after I visit Photoshop CS6.

Gull and Sails

A Trace of the San Francisco Bay Bridge–far left through the haze/fog

The yellow boat draws your attention right in.  Lack of wind allowed the reflections to show and be a bit more dramatic trip to the marina.


Idle Sails

Found another boat with a great reflection…

Another view of sailing–a bit closer to the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

Sailing In

Another view through the haze with Treasure Island and the bridge beyond

Think this is my favorite view from the day.  Framed Sailboat via the marina parking lot.

Shore to Ship

Framed View Low haze

Thanks again to my friend, Ben for driving me around, so I was able to shoot and not worry about a conflict with my meds.



Lensbaby Lens Lessons

Hmm, you know it has been too long since your last post when you have to reset your password!  I dislike how sophisticated the password resets are…we won’t count how many times it took me to make one up that worked…or, the likelihood I will remember it next time I want to post a blog…time will tell:)

With the start of the official Fall season, I am sad to awaken to darkness–but constantly looking at the trees all around town and checking their colors.  Living near Sacramento, which is “The City of Trees” and seeking fall changes means my eyes are checking out every parking lot as I drive by.  Some Maple and Sycamore trees have red and the Walnut trees seem to have little patches among the branches of orange.

I have been enjoying a return to the Double Glass Optic and using an old favorite lens to many–but new to me, the Lensbaby Muse.  So exciting to be challenged with a new lens and fun to see the results.

One of the best attributes for me, is the fact Lensbaby Lens are lightweight–for now, my biggest concern due to back and neck injuries.

I happily gave up carrying a purse for a photo bag, so I would always have my Nikon with me and not miss opportunities.  This means I am very content to get out of my car and check out views from various parking lots!

We are just getting a little bit of color in town…here is a shot from a tree surrounded by concrete.

All you need is a little spot of color!

All you need is a little spot of color!

One of my favorite locations is 5-minutes away by car.  I do not visit there during the summer, as it is pack jammed with happy rafters on The American River.  But now, I can return and run into very few folks.  Just perfect for reflecting and shooting.

The seemingly foggy image is taken using the Zone Plate Optic on my Lensbaby Muse.  The Pinhole/Zone Plate Optic uses Litho film which creates the hazy effect.  My original subject was the weeds in front taken with a Plastic Optic.

Artistic haze due to Zone Plate optic

Artistic Haze

A Little Prickly

A Little Prickly

Our water level is low due to no real rain to measure yet this calendar year.  Hoping our fall and winter are wet.

A View among branches

A View among branches

A final view to share of The American River.  This location is accessible by car, parking just a few 100 feet or so away.

Slippery when wet

Slippery when wet

Happy Autumn or Spring, may you enjoy the colors that come with your season!