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100 Days of Summer Lensbaby Circle

Thought it would be easy to select a few of my favorite images that were part of the 100 Days of Summer celebrating my love and passion for all things Lensbaby.  Not as easy as I imagined, but here are a few that made my first favorite bunch.  If I had to guess, I would see updates to this post for sure!

Spirit TreeSpirit Tree Day 96

This is a tree in the parking lot of the church I attended while growing up near Pasadena, CA.  (San Gabriel, Church of Our Savior)  My parents, the Twining’s met one another at this church…ironically, my Aunt Carol (Dad’s sister) and my Godmother (Mother’s BFF) had been telling each of my parents they needed to meet a “friend” of theirs.  Nah, they met one another without that awkward blind date kinda thing.  Small world since Mother was born and raised in Lahaina, Maui and Dad predominantly on the East Coast.  Gonna have to go with “some things are just meant to be.”

My Mother was recently sharing their story and I never knew that my Dad fell asleep in the movie on their second date.  Mother said, “Well, I will never see him again…”  Nope, she was wrong on that account as he told her how he felt on date 3.”  He proposed at 6 weeks and they were married over 50 years.

Lady Bathing

Lady Bathing Day 100

I was fortunate to be able to attend my nephew Matt’s wedding to Hali.  Many advantages to having the newest DSLR lens, Velvet 56 on my Nikon, especially the 1.6 aperture.  I watched the candle melt during the reception and when I could clearly see a woman bathing–snap and a sentimental memory of a magical day and evening.

If anyone were to describe me as one who shoots flowers, I would have disagreed before the 100 images for Summer…yes, most were flowers and close to home.  Many were actually in parking lots of the various doctor locations I visit for treating my back and neck injury.  Once I switched to focusing on the “Lensbaby Love” and had lighter lens/optics on my camera it was easy to find subjects to share.

Floral Wallpaper

Floral Wallpaper Day 79


Sunshine Day 77

Violet Beauty

Violet Beauty.jpg Day 68

On Stage

On Stage. Day 65 jpg

Sunshine Spotlight

Sunshine Spotlight Day 66

Tulip via Velvet 56

Tulip Via Velvet 56 Day 59

Partial Petals via Velvet 56

Partial Petals Via Velvet 56 Day 61

Secret Garden via Velvet 56

Secret Garden Via Velvet 56 Day 60

Some non blooming sights…

Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line

Traveling Minstrel

Traveling Minstrel

Indoor Display

Indoor Display Day 46

Finder’s Keepers

Finders Keepers

Classic Words

Classic Words Day 42

Sharing the Beauty

Sharing the Beauty

Out the Window

Out the Window Day 73

And the most visited location…my neighbor 3 doors away with a magical yard…

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

I Wanna Hold Your Hand Day 54

Closer Inspection

Closer Inspection Day 58

Next in Line

Next in Line Day 56

World Below

World Below Day 56

Dehazed Daisy Pops

Dehazed Dasiy Pops

Jessie Girl Attentive

Jessie Attentive Day 78

Hi Riley!

Hi Riley!

Spreading the Lensbaby Love during the summer…one day at a time!

The talented and creative ladies with the LB100DaysofSummer:

Thank you Ana, Pauline, Nicola, Sonia, Kelly, and Justyna for allowing me to join you with an “amazing” 100 Days of Summer.

#LB100daysofsummer #100summerdays_Lensbaby

To continue with our closing circle of 100 Days of Summer with Lensbaby, visit the very talented Kelly Jacobi, just click on the link below!

Kelly – Kelly Jacobi Photography

Special thanks to Lensbaby for creating such fun (and addictive) lenses and optics!  The folks I have had the pleasure to meet in real life as well as those with email or social media, you guys totally rock and are appreciated much!