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100 Days of Summer with my Lensbaby Week 6

Week 6–Northern California has enjoyed a “cool down” from over 100 degrees to 80’s and 90’s.  A welcome change!

Summer Fun Day 36

Summer Fun

Day 37  Two versions

Daisy Pops

Daisy Pops

Using Lightroom CC 2015

New Slider in “Effects” bottom slider “Dehaze”  Modified Daisy Pops with +65

Dehazed Dasiy Pops

Flower Family Reunion Day 38

Flower Family Reunion

Luscious Green Bokeh Day 39

Reworked No Dehaze

Repeating Bokeh Day 40


Repetitive Patterns w- Bokeh Day 40_

Under Day 41


Under Day 41


Classic Words Day 42

Classic Words Day 42


One Poppy Plant

The time has changed–we have “sprung forward.”  The sun sets later, our days are getting longer , which always makes me happy.  Equally exciting is that spring is springing with the blooms and blossoms in Northern CA.  Just beginning.

I have started my watching for Golden Poppy plants at the American River.  Eventually, the hillside will be covered with Poppy plants and Lupine, but not yet.

There was one plant blooming with the river in the background.  SO–one plant, made the most of it…

Lonely Poppy

Lonely Poppy

The beauty and complimentary colors of the poppies and green grass just makes me smile and be thankful that we have such any spring growth. We have such a lacking of rain, believe we are more than 8 inches below our norm at this time of year.

So, I was thankful there was one plant with blooms and took in the beauty to share!

Half and Half

Half and Half

We did have rain on Easter morning, not too much–but any rain is fabulous at this point!  Felt bad for anyone celebrating the holiday with any outdoor activities, rain was gone almost as soon as it came.  Love the clouds and stormy views!

Storm Watch

Storm Watch

More dramatic sky view!

Wide Angle

Wide Angle

One last view to tide you over–I realized that the header on my blog is exactly what I am hoping to find once again.

First One...then more

First One…then more

Poppies Popping

The state flower of California is the Golden Poppy.
 In spring, they are abundant and can be found many places–on
freeway hillsides, in neighborhood yards and along the American
River, to name a few locales.  Actually, my header on my blog
is from a few years ago.  I had hoped to find both Poppies and
Lupine in bloom and took me quite a few trips before I found what I
was searching for.  These are a few shots I got to enjoy when
hunting for them this year.

Front and

Early Morning

On the

Among New

Couldn’t decide whether I preferred a portrait or
landscape shot, so decided to enjoy both options!  Do you have
a preference?

Multicolored River


The clarity of the water seemed to make this
vision even more impressive!

Catch Your

This photo was not at the American River, but I
made certain I got to enjoy this amazing view.  Taken on
Mother’s Day.  Well worth fighting the traffic to get it.


I was not alone!  Numerous cars pulled up and
stopped along this 2 lane highway to capture the beauty.

Who Wouldn’t Want
This View?

The last two photos were taken with my new
camera, the Nikon D800E.  Have been waiting for a fullframe
camera for quite some time.  The wait was worth it!  Look
forward to sharing more photos with you taken with this amazing